31 January 2018

Venetian Estates News January 2018

Market News
In our last newsletter we said, "Just watch those signs disappear as the weather cools. We are working with several good prospects now and expect a great “end-of-year” market in VE!"  Well, it happened as we predicted. We closed two VE sales in December and more of FBRE's "For Sale" signs are being replaced with SOLD signs as the weather has cooled (or shall we say frozen?). Our listings at 518 Lombardy, 603 Salerno and 903 Gondola are now pending sale and scheduled to close this month and next.

We still have prospects waiting for the “perfect fit”, whether that be a remodeled home, a home that needs remodeling, or a home that would be considered land value only. Many of these prospects are committed to Venetian Estates but simply have not found the right home or lot for their family. Give us a call or email Kelly or Susan if you have questions about your specific home or about the Venetian Estates market.

New-Neighbor News
FBRE represented our new neighbors, Darby and Jeff Brennan, in the purchase of 919 San Marino. Jeff and Darby are both Aggies, class of '97 and '02. Jeff is in business development at Phillips 66 and Darby is a preschool teacher at The School for Little Children (First United Methodist Church Sugar Land). The Brennans have two children, Molly, age 5 and Jill, age 2.   Darby says the girls are begging for a dog so my guess is that there will soon be another member of the family to enjoy their big beautiful yard! Jeff and Darby say they are loving Venetian Estates and its quiet slow pace. Jeff is one of many second-generation homeowners. He grew up on Lombardy!

Neighborhood Post
Many of you know Carolyn Tarver of 838 Bel Mar and are acquainted with her "Project Smile," which for many years has supplied thousands of school age children with school supplies with which to begin the new school year. Carolyn is involved with many other ministries as well and has hundreds of families that depend on her in many ways and for many things. She often has families in need of furniture or appliances in good working order. Please keep this sweet lady in mind and give her a call if you have an item that one of “her” families could use.  Carolyn is listed in the VE directory or feel free to contact us at FBRE if you need her contact info!

Blendin storefrontBrewing in the Neighborhood
As evidenced by the full parking lot and perpetually occupied tables, our neighbor Blendin Coffee Club has already established itself as a gathering place for the community. The warm lights inside are so inviting, and upon entering the doors the delicious aromas and smiling faces will make you linger! If you haven't already, please introduce yourself to the staff and owner and ask how you can learn more about Blendin and specialty coffee. They host regular "cuppings," which are a delight! In these events, one can learn about and develop senses of taste for the world's best coffees. Think wine tastings, but for coffee...Blendin can teach you about coffee, the nuances of different brewing methods and more. Get to know this new neighbor--it's so much more than a traditional coffee shop! Your eyes will surely be opened!


The first FBRE newsletter was written in March of 1989! The Newsletter was simply in the form of a letter to neighbors until August of 2010 when Kelly Ferguson redesigned the letter and it became known as Venetian Estates News! Kelly and I will continue this "tradition" indefinitely, publishing and mailing the “News” at least once a quarter. However, this year we will also begin sending short updates to "VE News" through email - most likely these updates will be sent only once a month unless there is some reason to send out an additional announcement of some kind. The updates will include information on new neighbors, information on new listings, etc.  We do have many of your emails but many others we do not have... so send me a quick note at susan@fbre.net or text or call me at 281-381-3604 with your email. Conversely, if you prefer NOT to receive anything from us send me a note and we will make sure your email is not on our list.

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