23 July 2012

Venetian Estate News - July 2012

Winning Welcome to:
Bobbie Jean and Ed Jones! The Jones’ moved into 215 Savoy in May with their two West Highland White Terriers, Liz and Maddie. Ed is a Project Manager in the construction department at Fluor.  Bobbie Jean also worked at Fluor but is now retired and working hard as ever keeping the home running.  Bobbie Jean and Ed  want  all to know that they really appreciated the wonderful reception from so many of our neighbors. They have met so many friendly, kind people who have made them feel so welcome.

Julie and Mark Macdonell purchased my (off-market) listing at 106 Capri.  Mark is vice president of sales for Bridge Front. The Macdonells have two daughters and two dogs. Alexa  graduated from Texas Tech in 2011 with a degree in finance and she now works for Gallagher Benefit Services. She is living at home before moving to an apartment. Jennifer graduated from Clements in May and will be leaving for Texas Tech next month.  Toby and Romeo chase squirrels!!!  Julie and Mark are not new to Venetian Estates. They lived on San Marino approximately 10 years ago, and my daughters used to babysit for Alexa and Jennifer! We are so glad to have them back in our special neighborhood.

Our neighbors Sandra and Sam Cornelius hosted their second women’s Triathlon on June 30. Sandra and Daria Dick did a relay with Sandra running and Daria biking! Way to go Daria!
On July 4th our neighborhood once again celebrated the winning of our nation’s independence with a festive boat parade. Thanks to the Marblestones for organizing the parade. I know from past experience how much work is involved in getting everyone on board! :)

A Local Champion
Please vote for Jacquie Chaumette for State Representative, House District 26.
This run-off election is predicted to be very very close! In one of the most recent run-off elections for city council Amy Mitchell won by only ONE vote. Several years ago Thomas Abraham won by TWO votes.  Our subdivision can make a huge difference. Your vote could determine our Representative.

Jacquie Chaumette is by far the more qualified candidate to represent us in Austin. There are many facts to back up that statement  but my passion for this election revolves around the fact that we desperately need elected officials who will listen to and represent the best interests of the people who put them in office. Jacquie Chaumette has done that and will continue to do that.

She  was the only Councilor who listened to and stood up for our neighborhood in voting against the location of the apartments in the Historic District. She was the lone dissenting vote, even as our own District 2 council member voted in favor of the developer’s plan despite the overwhelming outcry from neighboring communities that the apartments be located along the SH 6 corridor instead.  Jacquie listened  to VE and the 13 other surrounding neighborhoods. She voted against the apartments and, as a result, has taken much heat from her City counterparts. It is time for us to support her. Her opponent, Rick Miller, is supported by Johnson Development. If Jacquie wins this election, we, the people, will be saying to City Hall and the developer that we do care and will fight for representatives who look out for us.

Please vote early – between July 23 and July 27. Then bring your “I voted” sticker as your “ticket” to  the pre-victory party in our office on 7-27 between 4 and 6. If you would like to know more about Jacquie and her qualifications give her a call or go to her website at JacquieChaumette.org.

If you would like to know more about her opponent, Rick Miller, go to Bev’s Burner in the Fort Bend Star. She has his number!

FBRE Update
407 Savoy is pending sale but still being shown for back-ups!  If you know of someone who missed out have them call me. More new neighbor info next time!