21 December 2010

New Neighbor Names Baseball Team!

Jeana and Tony Johnson, soon to be new neighbors at 907 Gondola won the "Name the Team Contest" for Sugar Land's new minor league baseball team! They received lifetime tickets to the games. How cool is that?

Christmas Lighting Contest

Judging for best Christmas decorations took place this past week-end. News soon on the winners...... There will be 1st and 2nd place for "Best Front Yard" and 1st and 2nd place for "Best Back Yard" on Lake Venice.

16 December 2010

New Listing Coming Soon!

A great four/five bedroom home will be on the market soon! Beautiful! No updating necessary! Give Susan a call to be the first to see this remarkable home.

05 December 2010

Great Evening!

The annual Venetian Estates Christmas party took place tonight. Dinner and drinks were served at the beautiful home of Rhonda and Brad Kirby on Salerno. WOW! Talk about extensive remodeling! The home looks nothing like it did a couple of years ago! Amazing master suite upstairs, amazing TV room and outdoor living area, beautiful pool - too many great features to name.

Dessert, coffee and cider were served at the home of Chris and Richard Cobb. Another great house that looks nothing like the original! Beautiful glass backsplash in kitchen area - so many great new features including the outdoor TV area!

It is exciting to see all the construction/remodeling going on in VE right now. Rumor has it that another home is getting ready for the wrecking crew. Can you guess which one that might be?