22 September 2011

New Prices!

                                                                106 Capri Street

907 Genova

08 September 2011

Don't Miss the Chance ........

to live in Venetian Estates!

There are some great homes on the market now in VE! Take this one for example. The home at 103 Savoy ( www.har.com/18234535 ) sits on 1/2 acre on Lake Venice and is priced at only $375,000! This price is below land value based on the sales price of three recent land value sales. Come see this incredible opportunity for yourself and don't miss the opportunity to live here. This home, built in 1972, should be easy to update or remodel...One of the great features - a three car garage! See the listing details on Har.com or www.FBRE.net

01 September 2011

Construction Begins!

WOW! The vacant lot on Savoy is no longer vacant - after all these years - a beautiful house is under construction.

This lot has the longest view down the lake of any lot in the subdivision! So .... neighbors driving along Savoy will miss that view - especially during Christmas when the lake is full of lights! However, we are all very happy to have a beautiful home here and wonderful new neighbors as well - so no one is complaining! We can't wait to see the finished product!