19 September 2016

Venetian Estates News - September 2016

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FBRE History
The first Venetian Estates News, written and published by Fort Bend Real Estate Corporation, was mailed in May of 1989. Wow, I was not even 40 years old! Our neighborhood has changed a great deal since that time but certainly one thing has remained the same: we, as residents, love our neighborhood and our neighbors.  Very few neighborhoods maintain the 'community' aspect that we Venetian Estates residents are so blessed to enjoy! 

The Reality of Online Real Estate Valuations
Someday, when the machines take over, if you contact us about selling your house we will dispatch a fleet of drones packed with sensors and cameras to your property. The drones will scan the house (noting its condition and features), plug the data into an algorithm, and give you a remarkably accurate estimate of the selling price for your home. That day has not come! 

Although automated valuation models (AVMs) are widely used--they power online price estimators at sites like Zillow--their accuracy and reliability vary considerably (Texas Realtor Magazine July 2016). Did you know that the Houston area is the only market in the county where Zillow is not the #1 real estate website? HAR.com far surpasses Zillow’s accuracy when searching homes for sale, comparing values, etc. in the Houston area. Realtor associations from other states, and even countries, regularly visit Houston to study our website--HAR.com is simply the best!

That being said, here in VE even HAR.com isn’t a fully sufficient source for our market data. VE is unlike any other neighborhood in the Houston area. Property values are determined by a number of variables that aren’t considered in HAR.com’s valuation algorithms. Further, we have a high percentage of pre- or “off”-market sales. As a resident and Realtor  in VE for decades (!) my experience, perception and trove of market data are unrivaled. 

Please call me if you need an accurate market analysis on your home. I can also help you establish fair market value in any neighborhood to which you might be relocating. I can even refer you to one of the top 4% of Realtors nationwide if your target area is outside of Houston.

New Neighbor News
We have had, and continue to have, a considerable amount of demolition and new construction in Venetian Estates. However, there will also continue to be extensively remodeled homes in our neighborhood.  Below are two examples:

I have a pending sale--the location is still a secret, but is scheduled to close this year. These future new neighbors have no intention of demolishing the home. Rather, they will complete major renovations and raise their beautiful family in one of our original ranch style homes. 

One of our newest neighbors is Ann Warren. Ann has recently moved from the Sweetwater area in Sugar Land to the fabulous home at 810 Bel Mar. Ann is an 'empty nester' and looks forward to enjoying the serenity of her new Venetian Estates home along with Simon, her silver toy poodle. She also looks forward to meeting many of you, her new neighbors! Ann will be attending Merry Ministries this fall and I know she will be able to meet several of you there on Wednesday mornings. Ann's son, Daniel attends Texas State University (I happen to know he is on the Dean's list!).  Her brother lives in the First Colony area and she has two sisters in Austin. 

By the way, Merry Ministries is a women’s interdenominational group that meets weekly to worship God, study the Bible, pray and fellowship with each other. Mary Willis teaches on Tuesday evenings and Wednesday mornings at the First United Methodist Church on Eldridge. If you would like more information give me a call or visit www.merryministries.com. Several ladies from our neighborhood attend on each of those days . 

FBRE News 

We have a great new listing coming up in Sugar Creek! Beautifully remodeled and maintained, this home has a terrific floor plan, lovely landscaping and a gorgeous pool! Call me if you would like 'pre-market' details. It should be on the MLS by Oct. 1. 

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