21 January 2013

Venetian Estates News - January 2013

Past, Present and Future

There were 10 sales in Venetian Estates last year. Six of those sales were recorded on the HAR MLS and four of the sales were unrecorded. Sale prices ranged from the $300,000s to the $600,000s, and some were “land value” only. I participated in 9 of the 10 sales. In several cases I acted as an intermediary between the buyers and sellers.

Just for fun, let’s look waaaay back: In December of 1989 I wrote this in my Venetian Estates News. “As the busy holiday season approaches and this year comes to an end I would like to give you a current update on the home sales in Venetian Estates this year. Since January 1, 1989 there have been eleven home sales in our subdivision reported on the Multiple Listing Service. The sales prices range from $128,500 to $259,000. We have seen a steady increase in prices during this past year. And I believe that prices in Venetian Estates will continue to increase. I am presently working with prospective buyers who would like to purchase a home or lot in Venetian Estates. Please give me a call if you have considered selling your home and let me show it to these prospective buyers.”

It’s interesting to look back and see how things have changed...yet, I could have written those same words today if I changed the date and the sales price range!

When I referred in that 1989 newsletter to purchasing a “lot” I was referring to the three lots that at that time were still vacant. Those lots were located at 907 Genova, 802 San Marino and 311 Savoy. Homes were built on those lots in 1995, 1999  and 2011, respectively. The only way to get a “lot” today is to tear down a house and, of course, we know that has been done several times during the past couple of years.

and Now
2013 has brought much interest in VE! Showing activity has been very strong--and there are only three active listings at the moment. Word has spread  that this neighborhood is a gem...and it’s still spreading. Recent showings have been to old (my age!) and young, inner-loopers, and northwest Houstonians.

Visit www.har.com/susanfriedman and click the link to watch the informational video I created to describe our neighborhood.

I have a new listing that will soon be on the market. It is a four-bedroom home with extensive updates. The owner will consider leasing, so please keep this in mind if you know someone who may be interested in a short- or long-term lease.

Looking Ahead
January is an appropriate time to reflect on the past, present and future. However, this year it has brought another “tense” issue...

Many of our clients have expressed concern over the new 3.8% investment income tax. I have enclosed a NAR article featured on www.harconnect.com that provides a succinct overview of the tax. Of course, for specific questions regarding the tax and its personal implications, consult your CPA. 

Please call me if you are thinking of selling within the next year or so. I have a buyer who is willing to wait!

FBRE Update
Bud Friedman has been busy showing ranches over the past few months. More and more people are wanting to buy property for investment while enjoying it for recreation. Bud has recently shown properties in Gonzales and surrounding counties as well as in the lovely Brenham area.
Another work-weekend at the ranch!
The boys always work (and play) hard,
but these bird dogs don't like to get
their paws dirty!

Many investors are looking for alternatives to traditional stocks, bonds and commodities and are turning to real estate. In her article “Texas Land” featured in the May 2011 FBBJ, Kelly Ferguson wrote, “History demonstrates that land offers a stable investment and hedge against inflation. Texas is the fastest-growing state in the nation, and investors have the opportunity to purchase beautiful ranch land within or around the powerful Houston-San Antonio-Austin triangle.”

If you have interest in “Texas Land” call or email Bud at 281.242.2200 or bud@fbre.net

Email or call if you have news for the newsletter!

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