28 October 2011

Neighborhood Events

WOW! What fun the neighbors had at Alice and Tom Tannahill's home at 127 St. Marks last night. Alice had an incredible array of unusual cheeses and cheese spreads. (It helps that she sometimes works in the cheese department of Whole Foods!) Everyone brought a bottle of wine to share and Alice and Tom's beautiful breakfast bar was full of wonderful wines. We had several new neighbors there last night. (Of course being "new" in Venetian means you have not lived here more than 10 years!) Suzanne Hanks, a really really new neighbor on Saint Marks found that out last night when Daria Dick on Savoy introduced herself to Suzanne as a new neighbor also. When Suzanne asked Daria when she moved into the neighborhood Daria answered, "Five years ago". Suzanne responded that she was glad to know that she got to be "new" for five years.

Today was Venetian Estates luncheon day and I would guess there were close to 30 ladies there! We had a very long table in the back room of the Red Oak Grill -- Wonderful place to meet and visit. It looked like most of us were trying to 'eat healthy.' Maybe that's a good idea for the next couple of weeks before Thanksgiving!

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