19 February 2011

Believe It!

News Flash! The last remaining vacant lot in Venetian (311 Savoy)will not be vacant much longer! Soil samples have already been taken and construction will begin very soon. For years this lot has often been used by lake management and Lake Venice residents as a convenient launching place for motorized boats. Of course, when the subdivision was developed in the 60's no one ever anticipated the wide use of large electric powered pontoon and other style "cruising" boats. (Most of the large boats can be dropped by crane in either lake at the bridge location.) For now, the new owners of 311 Savoy, Bob and Sally Buck have generously offered to allow residents needing immediate use of the lot to put a boat in or take one out to do so as long as the owners are notified well in advance and grant permission. Of course, as soon as any bulkhead repair/replacement or construction of the home begins the lot will no longer be available for use. I have told several neighbors that construction will begin soon on a new home here. Funny, no one really believes it! I told a neighbor the other day, "No, really, I just sold the lot!". The neighbor just looked at me and said, "So, what's new? How many times have you sold it?" Well, this time they really are going to build - and quite soon! Believe it!

For more info contact Susan at susan@fbre.net or 281-242-2200.

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