01 January 2011


As Bud and I begin 2011 and our 26th year of living in Venetian Estates I am more grateful than ever for this incredible neighborhood. Our daughters, Kristin and Kelly were three and four years old when we moved to 534 Lombardy Drive. They spent much of that month of December, 1984 learning to ride their bicycles down the street and over the bridge. In those years few young children lived in VE. Most of their playmates lived in Pecan Grove or Sugar Mill. Our daughter, Katie was born in 1986. By 1994 we needed a larger home and purchased our present home on Santa Maria. (It never ever occured to us to move out of the neighborhood!) We have such fond memories of those early years in VE.... birthday parties for the girls with everyone jumping in the lake when it got too hot... Fourth of July parades and fishing tournaments.... Our girls loved to fish! Paddle boat rides and dogs (and cats) floating on rafts in the lake..... buried treasure.... canoe races.....and the best part of all is that we will continue to "make more memories" each year. We have two daughters, two sons-in-law and four grandchildren now living in VE!

As a Realtor AND as a resident I would love for you to experience the VE lifestyle. Call or email me for a tour of the neighborhood. (I have a great new listing that will be ready for viewing next week!)

Susan Friedman, CRS

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