21 October 2010

Baseball in Sugar Land

How will Venetian Estates be affected by the new baseball stadium in Sugar Land? I think it will only serve to increase our property values and better our quality of life. Ground breaking is scheduled to take place in March of 2011 and opening day for the independent team will take place on April 1, 2012! This will be much more than a baseball stadium. There will be entertainment for the entire family in and around the stadium. A water park is being proposed. Picnic areas will certainly be included. There will be camp-outs for kids and numerous other activities in the stadium itself. The kids will be able to walk on the grass! There will be a restaurant overlooking center field, a venue for parties, weddings etc. Luxury suites are available now for purchase. Season tickets will be available soon. More good news..the cost of a regular admission ticket will be less than the cost of a movie ticket. The whole idea put forth by "Opening Day Partners" is one of families and community. They have been very successful in other areas of the country providing quality entertainment in the form of baseball and other activities. We, in Venetian will actually be able to access the ball park 'the back way' through proposed street access on the Imperial Tract. However, studies have shown that neither Venetian Estates or any other neighborhood in close proximity will be negatively affected by traffic.

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