01 September 2010

Sense of Community!

How wonderful it is to live and work in a neighborhood where neighbors actually look out for one another! Venetian Estates is certainly one of those neighborhoods. Yesterday morning a neighbor stopped me as I was leaving my house to tell me she was concerned about a boat in Lake Venice carrying two men and going rather fast! After other neighbors checked it out we realized it was the lake management company who is authorized at certain times to use gasoline powered motors in the lake. I am so grateful that we have neighbors who actually pay attention to activity in the neighborhood. This is just one example of the "sense of community" residents enjoy in Venetian Estates.

I have lived in Venetian Estates since 1984. I have been a full time licensed Realtor in the Sugar Land area since 1986. As a 25 year resident of Venetian Estates I can say that I KNOW the area. Please call me with any questions and/or if you would like to see any of the available homes in Venetian Estates. Prices currently range from $389,000 to $895,000.

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