27 August 2010


There are twelve homes on the market now in Venetian Estates. Yes, that is more than usual! There are many choices during this great time to buy. Interest rates are very low! Have your friends or family call me if they would like a “tour of Venetian Estates”.

We have new neighbors at 103 Savoy Street. Dianne Vaughn and L. R. Shipman are pleased to have moved closer to family. Dianne is the mother of Lee Vaughn at 611 Salerno. L. R. Shipman is his grandfather. With Lee and Vicki’s three-year-old twin boys, we now have four generations of Vaughn’s in the neighborhood!

We will soon have new neighbors at 306 Lombardy…well, not necessarily soon. We closed this week, but the new owners will be doing quite a bit of remodeling before moving in. I’ll give you more information on these wonderful new neighbors next month!

Bud and I recently had considerable water damage in our home due to a cracked water filter in our kitchen cabinet. On July 21 at 5:45 PM Bud and I were in the office when we received a frantic call from our daughter Katie. Katie had dropped by our house to pick up her dog, who she found swimming around our family room! I am exaggerating (a little), but water was flowing out our front door, back door and garage door! We are in the process of working with our insurance company and contractors to repair damages. We are not having fun! But I will use this experience to plug a product that Bud and I purchased from our neighbor, John St. John, who is an international distributor for Nikken. Several months ago Bud and I purchased two counter-top water filter systems, one for our office and one for our home. This is the best-tasting water ever—and it blows plastic-bottled beverages out of the water for a multitude of other reasons. If you would like more information about an Aqua Pour Water Filter System call John St. John at 713-725-1842. (The cost is $299.) I seriously don’t know what we would have done these past few weeks without this good, clean, healthy drinking water!
I am sure you have noticed the new layout for this newsletter and the new logo for FBRE. We are also redesigning our website…we hope to have the new client-friendly site ready to introduce to you soon!

And now for the grand finale...

Ladies and Gentleman, I am delighted to announce the creation of The Imperial Theatre! FBRE (Bud) represented Imperial Performing Arts, Sugar Land’s professional performing arts company, in an agreement with Planned Community Developers for a location for The Imperial Theatre in Town Square. The theatre is in the former Swoozie’s space (adjacent to Z Gallerie, near PF Changs). IPA has an incredible 2010/2011 season—including opera, theatre, philharmonic, etc. performances—planned. The first performance will open as early as October or November. Keep an eye out for an open house and the opening performance at the new theatre; you won’t want to miss this momentous event for Sugar Land. The box office at the Imperial Theatre will be open soon. Call or email IPA (281 277-7444; tickets@theimperial.org) for more information.

As always, call me with any news!

Susan Friedman

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